Compact Gloss- Donut King Pink


Compact Gloss is a high pressure laminate (HPL) with a decorative surface that complies with EN 438 and ISO 4586.

Compact Gloss is a high- pressure, decorative, self- supporting product.
Décor may be applied to both sides, or to one side only, The surface is composed of decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin; thickness is achieved with sheets of paper impregnated with thermosetting resins.
The resultant panel is then subjected to the combined action of pressure (9MPa) and heat (150c) in a press which the resin polycondense.

HPL is used to meet special requirements such as;

  • –  self supporting properties
  • –  good dimensional stability and flatness
  • –  high impact resistance
  • –  high resistance to wear, water, steam
  • –  excellent hygiene characteristics
  • –  high resistance to chemicals and organic solvents
  • –  simple and quick assembly without the need for edging
  • –  excellent resistance to fire
  • –  low emission of harmful gases and fumes, without dripping, incases ofcombustion.